Miguel Ventura's blog : About Me

Contacting Me

Is easy through Google+ or twitter.

A Very Brief Curriculum

I currently work at OutSystems's R&D unit, where most of the time I'm a Software Engineer.

I've studied at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico (IST).

Some things that interest me

I like playing music, scouting, hiking and camping. I love learning and practicing.

I also like most technology related topics, especially within the scope of computer science.

Weapons of Choice

There are a lot of weapons in the Software Engineer's available arsenal. Usually more than one tool for the very same task, and there are lots of areas where the choice of the tool ends up being made not because of features and capabilities of the tool, but rather due to taste of the user.

Here is the list of tools that I use and which I believe to be so well paired in terms of features with their competition that I believe such choices can be classified as a matter of taste or religious belief.