Miguel Ventura's blog : Beginnings

After taking the time to write some articles for the OutSystems' Community, I took some time to evaluate the experiment. The articles that I wrote were about topics I was very familiar with, but even though I forced myself into doing some research to ensure that the quality I was producing was good enough for publishing. Producing quality content was very important because those articles, although written on spare time, could be regarded as products of my work, and I sure like doing good work.

Taking the time to pick your ideas, research them (accepting both refutation and reinforcement) and, last but not least, organizing them in a writeable form, is no news. You've done it in school, writing reports, and in your job, documenting some research. But in such situations we're so focused on the goal that we often don't think about how much did we actually learned, practiced and improved along the process.

Organizing your knowledge in a way that it gets easily explainable to a broad audience just because you want to takes a lot of time and effort, but I strongly believe that it pays off. Explaining you something can make us both better, and for that reason, I'm starting this little blogging experiment, which I hope you enjoy.